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About Us


Oro Rubí is a company dedicated to the production and marketing of organic black garlic.

After two years of research, development and investment, we managed to set up our manufacturing plant in Buenos Aires City.

We are a leading and pioneer company that set out to develop this noble product in Argentina for its country and abroad. We were the first to obtain the Organic Product Certificate granted by OIA (Agricultural International Organization) and to export to the European Union.

We strive every day to maintain the highest level of quality of our products.

We work with excellence to satisfy the demand of the clients, who as we consider are our reason of being so that they continue offering us their preference and confidence.

We also get advised by health and food professionals, to inform us and inform you about the properties of Black Garlic.

We are happy to provide this superfood that collaborates with the prevention and / or treatment of health problems and is also an indispensable ally in the kitchen for those who want to give a touch of distinction to their preparations.

What does Super Food mean?

The most recent term is a recent addition to our language. Defines aliment that are 100% natural and organic.
They are healthy foods that contain a high density of nutrients and calories in their composition. They contain a lot of antioxidants so they are ideal for a body with good health, keeping it away from diseases, vigorous, with energy and strong. Due to its source of vitamins, minerals and enzymes it is easily absorbed by most people.
Prevent and treat conditions in the body, strengthen the immune system and prolong life. It is essential to acquire products that have Organic Certification. For this you have to look in the seal container of the certifier.