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Cooked Black garlic is garlic certified by OIA, an international farming organization, and is cultivated in Mendoza. It is considered the best garlic in the world since the land and the climate of Mendoza have the necessary conditions to achieve the high quality of our bulbs.


Through a cooking process with controlled temperature and humidity, we have obtained garlic that has changed its color to black becoming more delicious and sweet.


All this within a rigorous 100% organic quality standard. This requirement is essential for the good health of those who consume it, who do not have chemicals or fertilizers that come into contact with the heat of the process that would notoriously damage the body.


For this process Oro Rubí specially designed its ovens giving its garlic a unique and exclusive flavor, giving them also the exact consistency that allows it to be emulsified for its easier use in culinary recipes.


Besides, this process increases considerably the virtues of this plant since the benefits of consuming one garlic clove of Black garlic are the same as consuming an entire bulb.

The principal advantage of Black Garlic consists of keeping your natural breath thanks to its soft flavour.

It brings all the benefits of garlic and the great advantage is that it does not leave the strong smell and breath to those who consume it.