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Tips for Consumers


Bulb and natural tablets

It is suggested to eat one to three cloves a day

Black garlic in pasta

1 teaspoon coffee size equals 1 tooth .

In all cases it is advisable to consume it in the morning, before breakfast and away from sleep hours since its energizing effect lasts eight hours and it can cause insomnia.


Consume it before any physical activity


It is recommended for people having slow transit constipation due to its laxative effect

What is an organic product?

An organic product is one that by its method of cultivation and / or processing, does not contain pesticides or fertilizers that harm the health of those who consume it. It also has a traceability that allows knowing the origin of it and its way to the final destination that is the consumer.

It does not always have the same appearance as conventional products. In general, organic food is less colorful, but it is much healthier.

Why consume organic products?

  • Because they protect our health.
  • Because they contain more mineral vitamins and antioxidants than conventional products.
  • Because they are products that are endorsed by organisms that certify a rigorous quality control throughout their production process.
  • For the commitment to care for the environment.