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Surely you’ve ever wondered how to live better and you realize that everything starts in you.

To lead a full and healthy life is necessary to take care of our body and mind, and there is no better way to do it than with a healthy diet and the practice of sports activities.

Have you ever heard that we are what we eat? By ingesting saturated fats, we add excess cholesterol in our blood, which causes cardiovascular diseases shortening your life expectancy.

In contrast, consuming healthy products, such as fresh fruits and organic vegetables help the immune system in its task of strengthening our defense agents away from the viruses and bacteria that cause our diseases.

Just as you asked yourself how to live better, we also did it. That’s why we developed this Super Food that meets the necessary conditions to take care of your health.

Oro Rubi’s Black Garlic in its three presentations: bulb, freeze-dried and pasta, besides being a healthy food is an excellent ingredient in the kitchen. Its incorporation in different preparations, whether sweet or salty, give a special touch to your meals.

Packed Bulb

ajo-negro-oro rubí-bulbo